About Us

Vanasamruddhi Organization is a registered society under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960, registration number DRB-1/SOR/145/2017-18. It’s a non-profit organization working for the afforestation and water conservation in India. The organization is established with the vision of raising Million trees.

We work with assistance of forest department, village forest councils and motivated individuals interested in conservation and afforestation activities. We are open to work with other organizations, corporate CSR’s and can arrange tree planting activities in scientific manner at appropriate locations with proper permissions and documentations.

We are currently working in the forest regions of Bangalore, Chikkabalapur and Hindupur districts and are open to work anywhere in India.

Plantation activity includes, study of the environmental conditions, identifying the suitable trees that enrich the ecosystem, sustainability of the plantations by overcoming problems associated with grazing and human intervention. Considering these parameters the plantations are being carried out at suitable places.

We also distribute saplings to farmers in order to support Agro forestry and to school children in order to create environmental awareness

The activities performed are in the direction of maintaining and enriching the ecosystem.