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Volunteers who are interested in the field work and organizing the activities related to afforestation or water conservation are very much welcome. They can be a part of the team in envisaging the goals of the organization.


Corporate social Responsibility

Environmental sustainability is emerging as an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully.¬†As a first we started small by planting and regularly monitoring the growth of the saplings for corporate’s and we are trying to ensure a better world for generations to come. We coordinate with corporate’s and facilitate making a difference in your organization by enhancing your company’s vision for doing good. Vanasamruddhi works towards the objective of preserving the environment by enhancing afforestation.

Corporate’s who are interested in afforestation and water conservation activities can contact us and we would be willing to work together in order to achieve the common goal.


Individual can contribute

Whether it be for a small intimate wedding, you are blessed with a new member in your family, birthday of your dear ones or in memoir of your loved ones, it can be any small or big occasion and if you wish you to contribute though planting trees, contact us.

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